Chase Chrisley Reveals Father’s Input About New Family Reality Series

Chase Chrisley

Julie and Todd Chrisley are continuing to give their helping hand to their children while serving their combined 19-year sentence in prison on charges of tax fraud. Savannah Chrisley had earlier talked about how the Chrisley family has been working to create their latest reality show on an episode of her podcast called Unlocked. Now, Chase Chrisley has talked about his parent’s role in the latest project.

Chase Chrisley Continues Getting Help From His Parents

On May 11th, 26-year-old Chase Chrisley talked about the latest show during his appearance on the podcast called Chasin’ Birdies. He said that the latest show will definitely be different. He described it as something very “raw” that will include that ugly, bad, and good aspects. So the creators will want to see how the show does.

Chase Chrisley, the star of Chrisley Knows Best, also added that the latest project is nowhere near completion when it comes to production. However, he still had tons of praise for his father, Todd, for giving his opinions while the team continues working on the latest series.

Chase shared that the latest show will include him, Savannah, the remaining members of Chase’s family as well as some close friends. As such, Chase Chrisley did talk about it with his parents. He expressed his love for his father and described him as among the smartest people he has ever met.

Chase continued by saying that when he does get the chance to see as well as talk with his father, he tells him everything, and gets his input. Chase adds that Todd loves seeing his children win. He further explained that the latest series has the complete support of the patriarch of the family. Chase told the hosts of the podcast that Todd had told him to run the idea “through the roof”.