Reality Check For Chelsea And Their Coach: Liverpool Keep On Losing


This weekend, we had a ton of buzz words to appreciate, analyze, and absorb thanks to Europe’s top leagues! The weekend had everything, from Chelsea & Liverpool’s humiliating losses to Napoli’s most recent big victory and Barcelona’s incredible comeback victory over Valencia, to Real Madrid’s surprising 1-1 tie with low ranking Girona as well as mighty Bayern’s 6-2 victory that won’t throw them atop the Bundesliga.

Let’s take into account that Graham Potter has only been in charge of Chelsea for a little over 2 months, that he possesses his own ethos of the game, and that although he is somewhat similar to Thomas Tuchel in aspects of his strategy for the game compared to, say, Dyche or Simeone, it is still not a strong connection and there was never continuing to be a smooth transition.

That he entered Chelsea in Sept. without any of the advantages of a training camp, a td, without a person and as a professional, without a multitude of scouts — all roles the club is operating to fill — though with a team going through the kind of transformation that occurs when an ownership change takes place almost two decades just after previous change.

Chelsea And Liverpool Lost, Bayern Win: A Great Weekend For Football Fans:

Remember all of that, and then Saturday’s humiliating 4-1 loss at Brighton won’t seem so shocking. Potter attributed Chelsea’s poor performance to miscues, and while it certainly contributed, it does not entirely account for it.

The truth is whether Chelsea has consistently performed worse than the season average when Potter took over in areas like shooting, XGs, and expected goals allowed. They had not been extremely effective, in other terms. Aside from Manchester United, Chelsea hasn’t played any elite opposition, so despite there having been a minor change in outcomes this is also offset.