MCD Stock Received The Ratings From Different Analysts


McDonald’s Co., or the MCD, the food chain company, have received the ratings on their shares. They got a “buy” rating which is an average one. A total of 32 analysts carried out the job of rating the company. They are responsible for covering the reports of the Marketbeat Rating firm. 

MCD Stock, Ratings, And Price Targets

A total of seven research analysts from the subject of equities have given a rating for the stock of MCD. It was of a hold. The company stock received a buy rating from the other twenty-three analysts. The target price calculated on average for twelve months is 232.14 USD. These were by those analysts who were in charge of covering the stock of the company in the year 2020.

MCD got weighed in by a bunch of research analysts from the subject of equities. It includes Wells Fargo & Company, Citigroup Inc, Piper Sandler, North coast research, and Credit Suisse Group. The company got upgraded to the rating of overweight by Wells Fargo & Company. The report was out on the 22nd of February that is on Monday. The Minimum Coupon gave a neutral rating to the company. It was out on the 4th of January. The company even went on to give a price target which was 230.00 USD.

McDonald’s Co. received a neutral rating from their stock from Piper Sandler. The company also lowered the price target from the amount of 225.00 USD to 209.00 USD. Their research result was out on the 2nd of December that is on Wednesday. North coast Research gave a buy rating to the food chain company. They also went in to set a price target which is 266.00 USD. This took place on the 18th of December that fell on Friday. Finally, the last analyst, Credit Suisse gave the rating of “outperform” to the stock of MCD.