Not Just Symbolic: Joe Biden Nominates Caroline Kennedy As The Ambassador To Australia

Caroline Kennedy

The choice of ambassadors chosen by the American president to represent the country in Australia has been long and eclectic down the years. it has included retired military men, millionaires, bankers, congressmen, even a car sales mogul, and various political donors. But Caroline Kennedy comes in with a rare and unique background.

Along with Caroline Kennedy for Australia, President Biden also picked up former Olympian and longtime Democrat Michelle Kwan as the ambassador to the Central American nation of Belize.

Australia is the 2nd high-profile ambassadorial position for Caroline Kennedy. She was the envoy to Japan during Obama’s term.

The announcement was made by the White House. It is the latest selection for the post of ambassadors to be forwarded to the Senate. Dozens of other nominees still await confirmation.

Caroline Kennedy has long been a frontrunner for the post. She is the daughter of John F. Kennedy. She has been a long-term ally, friend, and donor of Joe Biden and had personally supported the candidacy of the current President during the campaign in 2020. She had spoken at the party convention in support of Biden’s candidature.

Caroline Kennedy Spoke Of Her Indebtedness To Australia

Caroline has said Australia was a nation that was important to the prosperity and security of the US.

She said that she would be indebted to the people of Australia and the Solomon Islanders who had rescued her father during the Second World War. Caroline Kennedy said that she would strive to repay that debt if she was confirmed to the post.

Caroline Kennedy is a Harvard graduate and also an alumnus of the Columbia University Law School. She stressed she looked forward to working together with the Australian government to strengthen ties with them.

Kwan was part of Joe Biden’s election campaign. She said she was honored by the nomination and would be proud to serve her country.