Biden Approves 30 Days Total Funding For Kentucky Tornado Cleanup: On Tour Of Devastated Areas

Kentucky Tornado

President Joe Biden has vowed to cover the costs of the Kentucky Tornado cleanup and related recovery efforts for the first 30 days. Biden’s statement comes after he made a tour of several towns that were hit the hardest by the multiple tornadoes.

Speaking from Dawson Springs on Wednesday, he said that he would ensure that the area recovery and rebuilds. He said that the scale and scope of the destruction in the Kentucky tornado were unbelievable.

Over 100 people are feared killed in the Southern and Central US as the multiple storms cut a large swathe through the region. the federal administration has approved a disaster declaration for Tennessee, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Federal Support For Kentucky Tornado Emergency Work Upped From 75 To 100 Percent By Biden On Wednesday

The initial disaster declaration for the Kentucky tornado signed by the President has freed federal assistance for 75 percent of the eligible costs. Biden said that the declaration has been amended on Wednesday to cover the total cost of the damage done by the Kentucky tornado.

The assistance will be valid for all emergency work for the next 30 days. It includes the cost of removing debris, the cost of overtime for emergency service and law enforcement personnel, and shelter. He hoped that it will get the resident through the initial phase. 

Joe Biden says he was struck by how community members came out in support of one another. He said that this was the way things should be with people cutting across the political divide to reach out to one another to do ‘God’s work.’

The President first landed in Kentucky around noon and was met by Andy Beshear, the Governor. Biden was accompanied by Alejandro Mayorkas, the Secretary of Homeland, Deanne Criswell, the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management, and other senior officials.

74 people died in the Kentucky Tornado. Another 100 people remain missing, said the Governor. Another 6 people died in Illinois while two people were reported killed in Arkansas.

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