Biden Leads In North Carolina As Voters Give Trump Poor Marks On Virus, Race Relations

A recent study of the Biden-Trump Poll suggests that Biden is leading Trump by 7 points in North Carolina with voters favoring a ratio of 2:1 that the state was right not to back the Trump Administration’s Charlotte Convention Plans owing to safety concerns in this pandemic era.

The Marist Poll reads that among registered voters the Democratic nominee running for the Presidential Elections this November is backed by a 51% support whereas Trump’s backing lies at 44%. This is an increase from March’s readings when Biden to Trump was 49 percent to 45 percent.

North Carolina comes into focus during these as well. It is the state where Trump’s approval rating faces the ground with around 55% of the registered voters disapproving of the Trump Administration. This records a dip of 11 points since March when only 48 percent of voters disapproved.

In the Presidential Contest, Biden leads among minority groups, Black voters, women, and among voters who dislike both major candidates.

Trump however still maintains an advantage among white voters, men, and white voters without college degrees.