Photoshop for iPad gets another batch of desktop features

iPad is going to receive a whole host of Photoshop features with the new update– the rotating canvas tool, and the refined edge brush. The edge brush is quite necessary for photographers, for that is the only tool that can help accentuate and edit around furs or hair. While the controls have been extremely simplified by touch- Photoshop guarantees the same features as the desktop version.

The rotational tool on the other hand might not be that useful of a tool, but it might find its utility on the iPad. For, this tool will help rotate the canvas and brush around the edges, thereby preventing continuous device rotation to fix spots.

Photoshop users have been quite upset with the Photoshop app that came for iPad last year, for it had nothing that made the desktop Photoshop software what it is. And while Adobe would never bring all the guns to the open, there are a few tools that are immensely required- like curves. But Adobe has promised to bring out updates one after the other, each containing something exciting as the months go by.