Big Time Rush’s New Adventure Is About To Begin

big time rush

Big Time Rush took a break a long time ago and came back in 2021. Then they haven’t released any album since 2013, this 2023 is going big and adventurous for them so far. The band formed with four former hockey players in 2009. From 2009 they have made it to Columbia Records. Won awards in 2010, 2011, and in 2012. The boys were the heartthrob of young teenagers at that time. They are grown up now and probably became the dad band. They are going to start their tour in June 2023.

The Year Of Big Things For Big Time Rush

At the beginning of this month Big Time Rush announced they are about to start their tour this year. Which came as a piece of surprisingly shocking news to the fans.Not only that they also released their new single “Can’t Get Enough”.The journey will start from Fort Worth in Texas and ends on 12th august. Big Time Rush is a grown-up band now, they are focused on healthy, even they always talk about what kind of food they would be eating. They also added how they carry their own grill. Big Time Rush is already on a tour, which is wrapping up on the 5th of march.

After that Rush wants to take a rest and polish the old old songs, and prepare for the big tour, they are not into big hits but something they would be proud of. Some major changes lie ahead for Big Time Rush. In these three months, they would totally be focused on that. From polishing songs to changing tunes and wedding planning is coming.