Bill Cassidy Lends Voice In Joe Biden’s Support

Bill Cassidy
Bill Cassidy

Bill Cassidy is one of the prominent faces in American politics. He started at a very early age and has grown to be a respected politician of recent times. Cassidy has recently supported Joe Biden’s decision of not sending US armies to Ukraine.

Ukraine has been experiencing high political tension over the last few days. The country is experiencing the risk of starting a war with Russia. The current scenario is such that Russia can invade Ukraine at any moment.

This has left the Americans residing in Ukraine concerned. They have vociferously demanded their immediate evacuation. However, some of the Americans of Ukraine did not want to leave the country.

The situation made the American media pressurize Joe Biden. They stated that Biden should take a stand. He should be sending his troops to help the people leave the country. Many politicians also joined the claim.

However, Biden did not agree to the plan. He stated that one must be aware of the surroundings. An individual must think on his toes to get out of danger. The US President stated that there was no use in sending the military to rescue the Americans.

The President was supported by the Republican leader Bill Cassidy. He expressed his support in a recent interview. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Bill Cassidy Support Biden In The Ukraine Issue 

Bill Cassidy recently had an interview with Fox. Sandra Smith asked the politician about the present scenario in Ukraine. Smith stated whether America should deploy its armies in Ukraine or not.

Cassidy said that the President was one hundred percent correct. There was no point in sending militaries to evacuate the Americans. He echoed Biden’s words and asked the people to be clever. 

Bill Cassidy stated that people must use their common thinking. If there was a threat of an invasion, the wiser choice would be to come back home.

People should not wait for outside help and must start acting soon. He also believed that deploying troops would worsen the political tension between Russia and America as well.