NXIVM Cult Leader Exposed By Actor Allison Mack


Allison Mack, the American television personality, got a prison sentence of a total of three years. She was held responsible for playing a major role in the NXIVM cult group. The cult group is associated with so many scandals. The sentence was given this Wednesday. As per the accusations made on her, the actress is claimed to have manipulated several women to be the sex slaves of the spiritual leader of the cult group.

NXIVM Cult Targeted Women

Allison Mack, the accused, is popularly known as being the close friend of Superman in the American television series, Smallville. She had considered herself to be guilty of whatever charges were made against her. The actress also showed cooperation with the concerned officials. She did so by working against the leader of the NXIVM, Keith Raniere. The concerned prosecutors also affirmed her contribution to the case of the cult leader. They claimed that she had a great role to play in collecting evidence that proved how the NXIVM worked. Raniere went forth to create a secret society that targeted those women who were brainwashed. He then branded them with his initials.

The sentencing of actress Allison Mack took place in the federal court of the borough of New York City, Brooklyn. The 38-year-old “Honey We Shrunk Ourselves” star gave a statement that reflected her remorse over her actions concerning the NXIVM cult. She went on to state that she would always regret the choices that she made.

She also claimed that from that day onwards there will never be a day when she will be without any “remorse or guilt.” She also apologized to the victims through a letter she wrote. She particularly apologized to those who were dragged by her into the cult. She stated that she was sorry for exposing them to emotionally abusive plans of the leader whom she called a “twisted man.”