Keisha Lance Bottoms, Atlanta Mayor, Won’t Seek Another Term

Keisha Lance Bottoms
Keisha Lance Bottoms

On Thursday night, Keisha Lance Bottoms, the mayor of Atlanta, announced she won’t be running this year for reelection. Bottoms published a letter online in which she said that she and her husband, Derek have given consideration and thoughtful prayer to the current season which is before them. She also added that she is holding her head high with heavy emotions and is choosing to not run for another term. 

Keisha Lance Bottoms Misses Out On The 60th Atlanta Mayor’s Post

She also wrote that while she is not completely certain of the future, she trusts that her next season will resume and be filled with purpose and passion. She also hopes to be guided by and make some positive differences by the responsibility and power vested in other people’s lives. Keisha Lance Bottoms also said that this decision is not at all based on her inability to fundraising.

It is also not based on the belief that Keisha won’t manage to win another term. Or the acute phobia of competition that goes inside the 2nd term as the 60th Atlanta mayor. Bottoms also added that she has engaged and taken part in facing several elections and met the challenges of multiple candidates. But she never was afraid of the competition. 

On the night of Thursday, one source stated that Keisha Lance Bottoms made this announcement in her virtual call where several finance team members who worked for her were present. Bottoms have managed to emerge as one of the rising stars inside the party of the Democrats, being a contender in the race to be Biden’s vice president and also a backer of Biden. From pandemic guidelines to voting rights, Keisha Lance Bottoms has utilized her Mayor’s platform to give her views on various issues of high profile.  

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