Bill Gates Investigated For Misconduct Amidst Divorce

bill gates
bill gates

It has been alleged that Bill Gates was known for chasing after women who were his employees. This had allegedly caused the workplace environment to be uncomfortable. This had been going on for some time much earlier than the recent divorce between him and Melinda French Gates, his wife.

The Questionable Conduct Of Bill Gates

The New York Times had published a lengthy report on the matter on Sunday. The report brought up the allegations against the 65-year-old co-founder of Microsoft in which he had shown questionable behavior in settings where work was related. Moreover, on some occasions at least, Bill Gates had tried to chase women who were his employees. The situation had occurred at both Microsoft as well as the Foundation named after Melinda and Bill Gates. He had founded the Foundation along with his now-divorced wife back in 2000.

However, a representative of Bill Gates had told PEOPLE that such a claim in which he had mistreated his employees does not have any truth to it. Times had provided examples from people who knew of the situation. It included an event in 2006 when Bill Gates was still Microsoft’s chairman. He had been present at a presentation that was being given by a woman employee. He had allegedly asked the employee out to dinner through email afterward. Bill reportedly told the employee to pretend that the mail never happened if it made her uncomfortable.

Another example took place a few years later. Bill was visiting New York due to some Foundation work. A woman employee was accompanying him. Later at a party, he reportedly asked the woman if she would have dinner with him because he wanted to see her. The request was a cause of discomfort for the woman.

The Times article came out right after WSJ had alleged that Bill had resigned from the board of Microsoft because of an affair with an employee.