Nick Jonas Talks About Broken Rib And The Current Recovery

nick jonas

Nick Jonas has been recovering from an accident he had suffered while riding a bike. On Monday, the 28-year-old singer revealed the situation on The Voice. He said that the recovery is still underway since he had fallen from a bicycle only recently.

Nick Jonas Is Doing Fine

Nick Jonas talked about the situation as the live performances for Top Nine were about to begin. He said that he felt okay. He has felt better but has been doing fine. Nick Jonas explained that he suffered cracks in his ribs when he had a bike accident. There were some more bruises and bumps as well. However, he continued that he does not feel as much enthusiasm when it comes to physical activity like he usually does. He also requested Blake Shelton not to make him laugh a lot because it hurt.

But fellow coach Blake Shelton joked about the matter a bit. He quipped that Nick Jonas was aiming for sympathy votes in the show. Jonas replied that he was happy to be there. In the interview, Jonas did not provide any more details about the accident.

However, some other news outlets reported that the singer had gone to the hospital on Saturday for the injuries. The bike ride was not a joy ride, it was a part of a scene being filmed for a recent show.

This is the last season time the singer of “Jealous” will feature on the singing show. Next season onwards, Ariana Grande will be replacing him in this coaching spot. Last week, Nick had appeared on Kelly Clarkson’s show along with fellow judges John Legend and Blake Shelton. On being asked if there was any advice for Grande for next season, he said that Ariana is already among the top singers. So Jonas only joked that Grande should not trust either of the fellow coaches.

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