Kevin Pillar Takes Fastball To The Face, Left Bloodied

kevin pillar

Kevin Pillar, the outfielder for the Mets, had to leave the game on Monday after a ball struck his face directly leaving him bloodied. The pitch was from Jacob Webb, the reliever for the Atlanta Braves.

Worries Abound Over Kevin Pillar’s Injury

Luis Rojas, the manager of the Mets, said that the Mets won against the Braves 3-1 on Monday, Kevin Pillar immediately left Atlanta’s Truist Field. He reportedly went to a hospital to get the CT scan done as soon as possible. Rojas continued that the squad will not get further information on the injury till Tuesday. At the same time, Kevin Pillar took to Twitter to say that he is “doing fine”.

James McCann, the catcher for the Mets, said that the moment was extremely scary. Everything seemed to have paused for a moment. When Kevin Pillar got hit by the pitch, he was not thinking about touching the home plate at all. He said that his teams’ prayers and thoughts are with Pillar.

The incident happened in the seventh. Webb pitched a fastball measured at 94 mph which then drilled into the nose of Kevin Pillar. Kevin immediately collapsed on the ground. Blood was seen pouring heavily from the player’s nose. Help arrived promptly, as he stood up again with support. Towels covered the player’s face while he was being walked outside the field.

Rojas added that Kevin Pillar behaved like a warrior. He described how he had turned up every day without fail and played hard. There was no other option than to notice him. Even after taking a blow like that, he stood up and walked off on his power. Rojas admits that he did not think Pillar could do such a thing after seeing the place where he was hit by the ball. He added that Pillar getting up and leaving was a tiny positive from the incident.