Billie Eilish Isn’t One To Hide How She Is Spending Her Time Under Lockdown

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish

While most celebrities are not having a good time under quarantine, Billie Eilish isn’t one of those. She has been mentioning for quite some time about how this quarantine has given her some time off from her usually humdrum. This Grammy-winning singer has been in business for quite some time now, and staying inside with no paparazzi has done her good. But that’s not all- she has also been adopting a lot of puppies to help her through this precarious period. After all, even a celebrity needs some company.

Billie Eilish

While most celebrities have going on Instagram live and Facetime, Eilish has reportedly maintained a low profile and enjoyed her time in complete solitude. And why not! If a celebrity has been hounded for most of her teenage years for press and photoshoots, she would enjoy any time she gets to herself.

But this enjoyment didn’t negate the ominous nature of her words, wherein she claimed that when the lockdown got over, people would go back to the same routine as they had. It was simply in their nature to not care about stuff once it was done with. Be that as it may, Eilish swore that she would do her best to remember how things were, and how they shouldn’t take anything for granted.


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