Bipartisan Police Overhaul Have Come To An End

bipartisan police overhaul
bipartisan police overhaul

After negotiating for months, the talks regarding a bipartisan Police overhaul have officially broken down without any agreements being reached. The decision was clarified by Senator Cory Booker.

A Disappointing Result For The Bipartisan Police Overhaul

New Jersey Democrat Cory Booker, made the party’s stance on the Bipartisan police overhaul clear while privately conversing with Tim Scott. Senator Tim Scott, who is from South Carolina, is the chief negotiator on the Republican side regarding the issue.

Karen Bass, Democratic representative of California, Booker, and Scott has spent around 6 months in an attempt to design a bipartisan Police overhaul bill that could have the support of 60 senators. However, the talks faced several complications such as qualified immunity. This is a doctrine recognized by the law that prohibits the suing of police officers in civilian courts.

Recently, Booker said that no progress was being made at the negotiation table regarding the bipartisan police overhaul. Rather, they were slowly digressing from the point. As such, the talks had to be stopped. However, he assured reported that this is not the end of the work.

Bass, who was the House’s chief negotiator confirmed the end of the bipartisan Police overhaul talks. Bass said that at the end of the day, neither side was willing to agree. After some time, it was nothing more than delaying the inevitable.

Scott had said earlier that he had no intention of pulling out from the bipartisan police overhaul talks. He considered it too significant for just walking away. He said that there were no disagreements, but that the language needed to be finalized. Bass added that following the failure of the negotiations, it is up to President Biden to act. On Wednesday, Jen Psaki said that Biden is thinking about addressing policing reforms through executive action.