Joe Biden’s Unconditional Support For Humanity

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The previously proposed law was restricting transgender students from certain benefits. It was an injustice to equality. Joe Biden and his administration proposed new rules which would eventually be beneficial to everyone. They would not be separating anyone from a society based on gender. The typical man and woman. The new rules focused on gender-neutral notions. It won’t be hurting anyone. This is Biden’s new challenge to make every citizen feel heard and seen,

The LGBTQ Community Is Yet To Make A Statement On Joe Biden’s Modification To Improvised Rule

This step is massive after Joe Biden came into power. His administration’s perhaps one of the biggest deals in the history of America. The LGBTQ community is skeptical about this step taken by President Joe Biden.

The previously proposed rule was opposing transgender students from getting into their desired sports or any physical activities in school. Being part of a sports team is a crucial part. This is not only a fun activity but also a necessity. This helps majorly get into IVY League colleges.

Joe Biden’s administration proposed a new rule to treat others equally. This is to support Title IX’s protection. Which would provide an equal athletic opportunity to everyone.

Education secretary commented on Joe Biden’s new proposition.

He said they welcome everyone and anyone to come and voice their view on the rule. Whatever changes they think are necessary will be taken into account.

This is perhaps Joe Biden’s new strategy before the 2024 reelection to concrete his position at the White House for another four years.

The new rule is concentrated on providing a framework for the newly proposed rule, they give out a brief summary.

The LGBTQ community perhaps expressed their doubt over the new rule, as it seems dubious for now. It is important to see how they would eliminate discrimination against transgender students. Joe Biden perhaps got a lot to prove his position.