Talinda Misses Chester Bennington On His Death Anniversary

chester bennington
chester bennington

Talinda is paying her respects to Chester Bennington on the anniversary of his passing away. She uploaded a picture, which had Chester showing with his thumbs up and keeping lettuce over his head. Talinda states that Chester always tried to make everyone laugh and make everyone feel better.

Chester Bennington Is Missed By His Family

Talinda and her kids, Lila, Lily, and Tyler miss Chester in every moment of their lives. Talinda believes that Chester Bennington was the greatest person she had met and she sees his reflection in their kids. Lila bears a heart made of Gold. Tyler bears Chester’s looks and obsession for time and space and Lily is just like Chester, gifted with beautiful vocals.

When the children were born, Chester noted some dreams and hope for the newborns. Talinda believes that God has granted his wishes as the kids are exactly what he wished for.

Talinda still rewinds all the older family footage taken at home. The story behind the picture with lettuce on the head was because of a delay in food delivery. These antics made everyone laugh at his home. Talinda ended her upload by writing that she kept watching the homemade videos to remember how amazing he was.

Chester Bennington died in July 2017 by suicide. Talinda took that message and started an organization for the mentally ill. She launched 320 Changes Direction.  Talinda spoke about Chester’s depression and how he abused substances to get away from his illness, in an ABC podcast. Everyone thought that Chester was perfectly fine and that he was in a good mental state.

She chose to interact with some Linkin Park fans online, which helped her grief for her husband. The fans were devastated and mentioned how sad they were without Chester Bennington in their lives.