Black Adam Released On HBO

black adam

This is the first DC antihero film starring Dwayne Johnson. The Black adam was originally released in theatres in October 2022. The story revolves around Teth Adam played by Dwayne Johnson, an ancient villain from Kahndaq. Who was awakened by archeologists to save the city? 

Is Black Adam A Superhuman Or Villain?

The Black Adam superhuman was filled with godly powers and later was awakened by the archeologists to save the city. He was imprisoned for vengeance. And 5000 years later he was given freedom too because everyone felt the only person who could save the city is, the one and only Black Adam. But some critics called The Rock’s acting underseasoned and ponderous. A reporter of Indiewar called it a ‘lifeless spectacle’.However, the point of Black adam was not to portray the lead character as a hero, and the sequel mentioned that, he is a superhuman. Some said they were trying to copy marvel hero Gotham, whatever they made is a cheap photocopy.

Black adam earned more than $400 million worldwide and the budget was $195 million. As mentioned budgets are apart from the promotion and distribution related.

The lead actor The Rock twitted about Black adam hitting the rock’s bottom and won’t profit much, i.e.they would net between $52 million to $ 72 million, way less than its budget, and would lose more.

However, as HBO released it there are fine chances of getting more views and income because of its millions of subscribers. And it’s the holiday season and more streaming is expected. Not only this Moribus was also a big flop because of its antihero theme. Though Moribus made it to Netflix with a top 10s list and profit was more than expected.