Black Widow Lawsuit And Its Impact On The Film Business!

Black Widow
Black Widow

Last week, another brand new front just opened up inside the streaming wars of Hollywood when the black widow lawsuit made it to the news! Scarlett Johansson has filed a lawsuit against Disney Co. In that lawsuit, she claimed that the studio didn’t respect her contract and released her movie Black Widow on Disney+ and in theaters at a similar time. 

The Black Widow Lawsuit Marks The Start Of The Conflict Between Studios And Talent!

The longtime star of Marvel alleged that Disney Co. denied her millions in cash by releasing her movie on its own streaming service. Disney wanted to make millions out of its own streaming service. However, the source of Johansson’s money was the receipts of the box office. She was not properly compensated for Black Widow. The lawsuit appeared to be a surprising measure. A star rarely decides to publicly sue such a big studio. This is not some normal studio, it is one of the most powerful and big studios in Hollywood. This left the industry insiders shocked and appalled. Disney appeared to be visibly incensed. 

The big studio released a statement where it accused Johansson of callous and irresponsible disregard for all the prolonged and horrific global effects accompanying the Coronavirus pandemic. The Black Widow lawsuits seem to be more of an out-of-legal court settlement. There are also major concerns that are facing the movie industry. This includes the shift of the studios towards streaming, the pandemic, and the theatrical experience’s future! The movie business tides seem to be moving with great rapidity and turbulence. The Black Widow lawsuit seems to be the start of the open conflict between studios and talent. Everyone is clueless about how the movie industry will look like or operate once this Coronavirus pandemic is over. 

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