Lakers Let Go Of Rajon Rondo For Increased Flexibility


In a 3-team transaction with the NY Knicks this Monday, the Lakers dealt Rajon Rondo to the Cleveland Cavaliers, freeing millions off their salary sheet and giving them more roster flexibility.

Rondo to the Cavaliers; Denzel Valentine (later released), Los Angeles‘ draught rights to Wang Zhelin (No. 57 selection in 2016) and Brad Newley (No. 54 choice in 2007), and $1.1M to the Knicks. New York’s Louis Labeyrie (No. 57 choice in 2014) to the LA Lakers.

Lakers Add Flexibility To Their Roster

Rondo had become a seldom-used backup in a rotation stacked with ball-dominant playmakers and scorers, so he was expendable. Rondo‘s role and playing time were going to be non-existent with Kendrick Nunn perhaps returning shortly. Even though the 35-year-old has a track record of performing better in the postseason, particularly with the team on their way to a title in 2020, the squad couldn’t afford to rely on Playoff Rondo later on.

LA team, who are 19-19, need to win now to make up for their eighth-place finish in the Western Conference standings. Signing Stanley Johnson or another better-fitting player would address a short-term — and perhaps long-term — need for the Lakers.  Johnson’s 10-day contract ended Monday In the 18 games Rondo played this season, the Lakers went 5-13.

Darren Collison’s ten-day adversity contract expired with the Lakers.  On Monday, Collison was absent from the team. The team presently has no players who do not violate health and security protocols.

For Avery Bradley’s contract, the next few days are crucial. If Friday Bradley is not dropped by the LA team, his contract will be guaranteed.

Bradley has an average of almost 2.5 rebounds, 6.4 points, and 1 steal a game when shooting 40 percent from 3. He has appeared in twenty-five of the thirty games for the LA team. He signed a non-permanent deal to come back to the Lakers after the Warriors dropped him during camp.

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