Blake Masters Tries To Cover Up His Allegation That Trump’s Win Was Stolen In 2020: Also Alleges That Democrats Encouraging Mass Immigration

Blake Masters

Blake Masters has gotten away with wild allegations and conspiracy theories before. It includes charges that the Democrats want open borders so that they can bring in tens of millions of illegal immigrants to change electoral demographics. He is also a firm believer that Trump’s presidential win was stolen in 2020 by a section of the administration and the Democrats.

Now in an about turn after winning the Arizona primaries, Blake Masters has removed such will allegations from his website. The Republican candidate softened his tone and stance. He has embraced the policy page from his website where he had advocated tough restrictions on abortion.

In a Twitter ad, he has tried to portray his Democratic opponent, Senator Mark Kelly, as an extremist on the issue of abortion and tried to portray himself as a moderate.

Immediately after the ad went on air, Blake Masters’s campaign team completely overhauled his site and toned down his high-pitched rhetoric. Around 6 of his tough positions on various issues including immigration, abortion, and Trump’s stolen elections, have been erased or altered.

Blake Masters Cites Trump As His Political Inspiration And Loves The Way He Humiliates And Belittles Women

Blake Masters is a disciple of Trump’s brash and abrasive style, the style that has him calling women fat pigs, slobs, dogs, and disgusting animals, which brings wild cheers from his supporters. He loves that attitude and says that it was ‘powerful.’

In an earlier interview, he gushed that Trump somehow busted through some wall, and instead of apologizing, just picked on the women of his target.

Blake Masters is subtly trying now to move away from the polarizing and provocative stance that he has so effectively embraced in the past. He has insinuated Rep. Ilhan Omar when he spoke of immigrants who refuse to fit in and spoke of the Muslim terrorism problem while speaking on gun violence and race.