Krakatau Volcano In Indonesia Is Spewing Out Lava Again After The 2018 Indonesian Tsunami

natural phenomenon
natural phenomenon

Anak Krakatau volcano in Indonesia is an active volcano that had triggered a massive tsunami in the area in 2018. As per the volcanology office of Indonesia, this volcano was showing signs of activity in the starting of this year as well. It was spewing gas and steam. But on April 10, lava started coming out of the volcano making it a red-alert moment.

Satellite footage and webcam are showing the lava spurting out of the volcano is full force.

Aviation in such a condition is quite risky and so, the Indonesian authorities have issued the orange alert for all aviation activity. According to reports, the ash cloud from the volcano is spurting and reaching more than 2000 feet up in the air.

The volcano named Anak Krakatau actually means the child of Krakatau. It is actually an island that came up in the early 1900s from a caldera. It has grown as a volcano ever since and collapsed after the massive eruption back in 2018

The 2020 eruption seems like a repeat of an eruption of a left-over of the remaining crater which is actually a left-over of a much larger caldera. 

The good news is that the volcano is in a remote area and is not a threat to human civilization. Plus, there are reports that three other volcanoes are also active in the country and might erupt in the near future.