Blue Jays Accuse Aaron Judge Of Cheating 

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge

New York Yankees player Aaron Judge, was accused of cheating by the Toronto Blue Jays after Monday’s baseball match. Judge was alleged to be looking on his right just before scoring a 462-foot home run. He had glanced at the Yankees dugout and appeared to be signaled by someone. His mysterious actions were replayed multiple times in close-ups while television commentators of the Toronto Blue Jays, Buck Martinez, and Dan Schulman discussed his actions after the game. 

Aaron Judge spoke justifying himself stating that he had looked at the Yankees dugout due to the commotion right after Aaron Boone, manager of New York Yankees was ejected in the eighth inning of the game by plate umpire Clint Vondark for arguing a strike call made against the team’s slugger Judge. Judge further stated that he had said certain things to a few people at the dugout, after the match and that it will hopefully not occur again.

John Schneider Calls Aaron Judge’s Glance Odd 

Speaking on the controversy at The Athletic, the manager for the Toronto Blue Jays, John Schneider has called Aaron Judge’s glancing odd, after observing Judge’s video and claimed that Judge was certainly looking at the dugout for a cause.

He further said that the Blue Jays will look out and take precautions to avoid any loopholes before Tuesday’s match. Aaron Judge has spoken out about not being happy with cheating accusations by the Toronto Blue Jays. As per the Associated Press, Judge has said that he is not happy about the cheater label but people may say whatever they wish. Aaron Judge was booed by the audience at the stadium, as he appeared for Tuesday’s game.