Bob Arum, The Promoter Of Tyson Fury, Openly Supported Fury

Bob Arum
Bob Arum

Bob Arum, the promoter of Tyson Fury watched him turn in the title of heavyweight defense on Saturday. Tyson Fury who is presently 33 years old recently defeated Dillian Whyte with a dangerous uppercut which happened in round six. There was a knockout of the opponent which the 94,000 audiences saw with their own eyes at the Wembley Stadium in England. 

Bob Arum Believes That Tyson Fury Will Easily Defeat Francis Ngannou

Though there have been declarations by Fury about his retirement after the bout, Bob Arum is sure that no player can turn back after experiencing such a peak in his career. Arum stated that he is pretty sure that Fury will not retire this soon and people are crazy if they are believing the news. He gave this statement Fury completed his 23 knockouts and an improved score of 32-0-1. 

The next match has gained quite a hype where he will go against Francis Ngannou who wants to fight him in lighter MMA-style gloves. Fury stated that he is a heavyweight boxing champion and is currently participating in the UFC championship. He is confused about whether he is in good shape or not and mentioned that the match will be explosive and he promised audiences that they will spectate something epic.

Francis retorted back at their comments about Fury that people will soon figure out who will be the baddest man in this world. This fight will be in hybrid style as he will wear MMA gloves and something legendary will happen.

Bob Arum is suffering from symptoms of Covid-19 and thus, stayed in America. He is constantly keeping in touch with Fury. In the views of Dana White, The President of UFC, Francis’s decision to fight is really bad. Bob Arum stated that though he is unaware of his contract with Francis with the UFC, he still believes that it will be pretty easy for Fury to win the match.

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