Reggie Miller, Was Highly Dissapointed With Ben Simmons For His Zero Competitiveness

Reggie Miller
Reggie Miller

Brooklyn Nets recently declared that Ben Simmons will not play in the Game 4 match as he planned. He was supposed to return in the upcoming match and people across the world were waiting to see him play again, however, everything was useless as he was still facing soreness in the back on Sunday before the match. Thus, he could not participate in the match to help the Brooklyn Nets come back from their deficit of 3-0 in the series. 

Reggie Miller Got Angry As Ben Simmons Refused To Play In Game 4

Ben Simmons would not play his debut match since October, last year, when he was traded to this team. All the social media platforms were filled with users criticizing Ben Simmons for his unprofessionalism. Similar criticism also came from Reggie Miller, the Hall of Fame and broadcaster, who did not leave any of his thoughts unsaid regarding this matter. 

Reggie Miller posted on Twitter his utter disappointment with Ben as he was supposed to make his debut in the Game 4 match and the crowd was excited about it. He stated that he has very little competitiveness and the fact that the chances of Nets were very low to get back in the series, he still kept his foot outside. 

He also wrote that the one thing people expected from him was to get in line with Kyrie and KD and win just one game. Lastly, he gave a hashtag using the word ‘ManUp’ which was quite insulting. Later on, Bill Simmons and Kendrick Perkins also joined into state similar things. 

As per Kendrick Perkins, Ben was being a part of the biggest NBA heist in all history as he stayed out of the game for the whole season. On the other hand, Bill Simmons stated that he would try to make him come back in Game 8 or 7.