Kenny Dalglish Released From Hospital After Positive Coronavirus Test

Kenny Dalglish
Kenny Dalglish

The 69-year-old former football personality, Kenny Dalglish was admitted to a hospital for gallstone treatment. A routine check thereafter diagnosed him positive for COVID-19 despite being asymptomatic. 

He was kept in isolation at his own home. 

The disturbing news gathered the support of many at the sporting community. Well wishes flowed in and it is on Sunday that people got the news of Dalgish’s recovery.

This 8 times English championship winner and 3 times European Cup winner expressed heartfelt gratitude for the frontline fighters against COVID-19. He wrote in The Sunday Post that, “People may think my name got me the best of care,” but it is the hospital staff that he credited his recovery to. “We’re lucky to have them and I wish them all well as they work tirelessly to help the country through this pandemic.”

This Liverpool player has many laurels on him. He was widely appreciated for his efforts at disaster management in the aftermath of the Hillsborough Disaster, 1989. Further, he was knighted in the year 2018 for his services to the world of charity and football.  

Dalglish posted several such messages of gratitude, on behalf of him and his wife, Marina thanking the medical staff, on the website of Liverpool Club. 

After this huge relief, they have promised to abide by the “full lockdown for the recommended amount of time in order to protect the lives of others.”



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