Joe Manchin Is The Common Target Of The Lobbyists

Hyde Amendment
Hyde Amendment

Joe Manchin, the Senator, is the one common target of several outside groups and lobbyists of the country currently. The reason for this is because the West-Virginia based Senator has the upper hand in deciding on the fate of the legislation. The majority that the people of the Democratic party have in the Senate, is very slim. 

Joe Manchin, The Only Conservative Democratic Senator

The conservative Democratic Senator has indicated his willingness to buck a bunch of political parties on the basis of key votes and priority proposals. The Senators were the first ever to grant opposition in the case of Neera Tanden. Tanden had been nominated by President Biden for the office of the “Office of Management and Budget” director. 

Joe Manchin has been passionate about opposing the changes that are to be introduced in the rule of the filibuster. The West-Virginia based Senator did not hesitate to oppose the increase of minimum wage that was a part of the stimulus bill introduced by President Joe Biden. The total amount of the stimulus bill was 1.9 trillion USD.

It can be said that a number of people belonging to the Democratic party who are progressive in nature are not very fond of the conservative Senator. The reason for this is the stubborn personality of him and the way it is reflected by creating an obstacle to the agendas of the others. Joe Manchin has somehow managed to have a place in the Senate from the state of West Virginia. This comes even after the fact that the state is not electing any Democrats and have tilted towards being a Republican.

Joe Manchin is one of those who are targeted by the advocacy groups on the floor of the Senate. It is with regard to the case of voting rights. The senator is also being pushed by a number of conservative groups.