Bob Dylan Dismisses Lawsuit Alleging Sex Abuse As False And Malicious: Terms It A Brazen Shakedown By An Unbalanced Psychic

Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan

A lawsuit that was filed on Friday has charged the Nobel laureate and winner of 10 Grammy Awards, Bob Dylan, of sexually abusing a 12-year-old in 1965. The lawsuit against the singer and songwriter alleged that he plied a girl, aged 12, with alcohol and drugs before abusing.

The lawsuit claims that Bob Dylan made friends with, and emotionally coerced the girl, identified as JC, into the abuse. He is alleged to have groomed the girl over 6 weeks between April-May 1965.

The lawsuit was filed for the woman, now 68, who now lives in Greenwich in Connecticut. She alleged that Bob Dylan, then around 23-24 years, had exploited his standing as a famous musician and had groomed her to gain the woman’s trust and ultimately abuse her.

Complainant Alleged That Bob Dylan Befriended And Exploited Her By Abusing His Standing

The complaint alleges that Bob Dylan formed an association with the woman and lowed her inhibitions to sexually exploit her. This was followed by plying her with alcohol, drugs, and the threat of violence.

The incidents allegedly took place in Manhattan’s famous Chelsea Hotel. The complainant alleged that she suffered humiliation, anxiety, and depression. She has alleged that the effect has been lasting and permanent and has incapacitated her from discharging her normal activities.

The woman has sought damages that have not been revealed and also a jury trial over the charges of battery, assault, emotional distress, and false imprisonment. She maintained that she had to seek regular medical treatment over the years.

Lawyers representing Bob Dylan have said that all the allegations were untrue and would be defended vigorously. The lawsuit was filed on the final date of the reprieve from civil suits that are time-barred. This measure was afforded under the look-back opening of the Child Victim Act.

Bob Dylan won a lawsuit last month after a Manhattan judge decided in favor of Bob Dylan in a separate lawsuit over sharing the $300M he earned by selling his music catalog to Universal last year.