Sexual Assault Charges Keeps Coming For Chris North

Sexual Assault Charges
Sexual Assault Charges

Sexual Assault Charges do not seem to end for Chris North. The actor is having a horrid time recently. He has been plagued by a storm of accusations. A number of women have come forward to accuse him of sexual exploitation. The series of allegations started when a couple of women accused North. 

They stated that the actor forcefully had sexual actions with them. One of the victims stated that North forcefully made her perform oral sex. She also accused North to have unprotected sex. On being asked for protection, North laughed and ridiculed the woman.

 Both the ladies did not want to reveal their identities. They were fearful of the consequences. Things did not end here for Chris. A third woman came up with identical allegations recently. To make matters even worse, North has been accused by a fourth. 

Lisa Gentile is a renowned singer. She has brought sexual assault charges against North. In a recent press conference, Gentile reflected on her horrid experience. She stated that the incident had taken place twenty years ago. It is only to this date that Gentile could gather up the courage to speak about it. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Sexual Assault Charges Brought Against North 

Lisa Gentile has accused Chris North of sexual assault charges. She stated that both of them met at a restaurant. One night, North insisted on dropping her home. The actor then almost forcefully made his way into the singer’s apartment. Soon after his arrival, he started kissing Gentile. North also groped her hard and tried to slide her hands down North’s private part.

On being resisted hard by Gentile, North got angry. He abused the singer and left her apartment. Chris North also told her not to speak a word about the incident. North threatened to blacklist the singer from the industry. This account was the fourth sexual assault charges brought against North in a week.