Boss Level, Another Video-Game Movie That Isn’t Based On A Video Game

Boss Level
Boss Level

The debut of the film, Boss Level, is to take place on the 5th of March 2021. The release comes in the midst of the release of other higher-profile films. The genre of the movie is action-comedy. It has a combination of two sub-genres of the in-vogue.

Boss Level is about the time loop that was made famous in the year 1993 by the fantasy comedy film, Groundhog Day. Not only that, but the story of the film revolves around a video game. The one with live-action.

Boss Level, The Backstory

No conclusion has been reached with regard to the debate concerning video game movies. Some say it is a curse while the rest opposes the statement. However, some of those movies have managed to be a hit. They include Detective Pikachu, Sonic and Rampage.

What has been on the rise these days is a new kind of sub-genre. It is the movies about video games that does not have anything to do with real video games. A few examples are Hardcore Harry, Run Lola Run, John Wick, Inception, and Jumanji-Welcome To The Jungle.

Boss Level directed by John Carnahan revolves around the life of a retired officer of the special forces, Frank Grillo. He then becomes a prisoner to the time loop where he meets numerous assassins who come after his life.

As the film proceeds, the officer dies several deaths. With each death, he learns more about his circumstances. This loop of him dying and restarting continues in Boss Level. The mystery that engulfs the movie is with regard to his family. The challenge the officer has to overcome is about saving the day and reconnecting with his family.

The cast of Boss Level includes Frank Grillo, Mel Gibson, Naomi Watts, Annabelle Wallis, Ken Jong, and many more.

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