Boston Bruins Comes Out Ahead Against Washington In Game 2


On Monday, the Boston Bruins managed to get the better of the Washington Capitals in the second game of the series. The win means the series is now tied with each side having a win. The match was a perfect example of how hockey in the playoffs should be like.

Bruins Score More On Physicality

The matchup saw physicality, goals, and tension take center stage. Fortunately, the fans of the Bruins saw their side outscore the Capitals. However, it was not close to being a perfect performance for Boston. The night was great but some concerns remained. Boston will look forward to taking the lead in the series when they play at home on Wednesday at TD Garden. The opportunity is there.

After Game 1, fans of Boston had put all the blame for the loss on Tuuka Rask. The player was possibly the reason the match had gone to overtime. But even the win did not seem to erase the discontent. Especially the second one conceded by Rask was picked apart by his haters. Realistically though the Bruins keeper had almost every player blocking his sight.

Realistically, the blue line of Boston was more to blame for goals like that, as they failed to clear the congestion. Nevertheless, Rask kept out 36 shots in Match 2. He put in a stellar performance that was a major reason for Boston winning.

Jake DeBrusk has clearly stood out among the Bruins’ side as their MVP for the playoffs. His impact remained consistent on Monday. In Game 2, DeBrusk scored again. He scored the first goal of Boston on Monday, which was also his second postseason goal. He also does not shy away from being physical and being a part of dirty areas. If DeBrusk maintains his goal-scoring form, any side will find it tough to get past the Bruins.