James Harden Gets Injured But Nets Win

James Harden
James Harden

Brooklyn Nets suffered an early loss in the shape of James Harden in their 114-112 victory over the New York Knicks on Monday. Kyrie Irving netted 40 points while Jeff Green converted his two throws with 3.7 seconds remaining on the clock.

James Harden Had Just Returned

James Harden had suffered tightness in his right hamstring and had missed out the last two games. However, on his return, James Harden played for only four minutes before succumbing to the returning injury once more.

However, Brooklyn overcame the early setback and secured their win. It was the second consecutive game night for the team and they were short on players as well.

Irving, later on, praised the whole team for the result. He said that the bench put in a special performance to make the difference. This was needed more than ever before when such unexpected injuries happen.

The defense of the Knicks was worn out by Irvin’s brilliant dribbling that created space for the team’s jumpers. He also netted a shot from outside the 3-point circle when there was less than a minute left on the clock. The Knicks had managed to close down the gap to two.

Steve Nash, the team’s coach, praised Irving on his brilliance as a player. He also said how the player had a long-term effect on the team while finishing the job on the day.

The Brooklyn Nets were hopeful of finally having their whole roster fit for the week. However, the injury to James Harden means that both he and Kevin Durant, their other superstar, are uncertain about pairing with Irving any time soon.

The superstar front three of the Brooklyn Nets have played together a mere seven times. It has been almost three months since James Harden had been signed by the Nets.