Boston Celtics Wins Vital Game 5 Against Miami Heat

Boston Celtics

On Thursday night at Game 5, the Boston Celtics took total charge of the game. In
an exciting match, the Celtics defeated the Miami Heat scoring 110-97 on May
25’s Game 5. This win secures Celtics’ position in the Conference Finals. Joe
Mazzulla, coach for the Boston Celtics had called for a win-or-die cry to his
teammates, while the team certainly channelized their energy into winning.
From the very start of Game 5 at the TD Garden arena, the Boston Celtics took a
dominant stance against the Heat, which continued till the end. The Heat players
were pushed into 16 turnovers.

Boston Celtics player Jaylen Brown has stated that the team’s back was against the wall, referring to their fierce performance. Brown himself scored an impressive 21 points. He also said that the team had certainly expected this position. He said that the team stayed together as the Celtics faced the 3-0 down. Boston Celtics creates history in the NBA, to wipe its 3-0 deficiency and win a seven-game series.

Boston Celtics To Play Game 6 Against Miami Heats

The Boston Celtics are set to meet the Miami Heat again on May 28’s Game 6.
Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler spoke out on his belief that the Heat will
certainly, win Game 6 against the Celtics. According to ESPN, Butler had calmly walked out of the locker room eating popcorn after Heat’s defeat in Thursday’s Game 5 and stated that the Heat lacked its defense in the last two matches it played and have not been their usual selves. However, he said that it is highly correctable with consistent performance and a mindset to win in the following game. He also said that the Heat must start the game better and make it difficult for the Celtics.