Stimulus Check Update: The Truth About Social Security Recipients

Stimulus Check Social Security Payment
Stimulus Check

The United States economy has weathered one of the deadliest worldwide pandemics in history, despite inflation. Congress is unlikely to approve another stimulus check for the vast majority of Americans as the jobless rate remains at 3.6%.

Despite this fact, speculation persists that Social Security beneficiaries will get a fourth stimulus check payment. While Social Security payments to seniors and the disabled tend to come on time, they do not increase with inflation. Because of this, Rick Delaney, chairman of The Senior Citizens League (TSCL), recently wrote to Congress requesting that each Social Security recipient get a one-time $1,400 stimulus check payment.

Delaney sent his missive in October of 2021, for context. That was seven months ago. Talk radio, newspapers, and internet organizations have all covered the letter over the last seven months (including The Ascent). There has been so much discussion about the potential for a fourth check that it is understandable that some people may be confused by it.

Social Security Recipients Need To Get This Stimulus Check Information

These groups were established to aid those receiving Social Security who are having trouble making ends meet.

If you receive Social Security and are worried about being able to keep up with your mortgage payments, you should check with your state or mortgage lender to see if there are any possibilities for financial help. If you decide to engage with a housing counselor, they will assist you in developing a strategy at no extra charge. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has a searchable database that may help you find a housing counselor in your area.

Help is still available for tenants who are having problems making their payments despite the CDC eviction moratorium ending last summer. Here is where you can find all of our contact details in one convenient place.

This article outlines resources for the homeless, including places to stay, how to make ends meet, and how to keep your credit rating intact.

If you are receiving Social Security and require legal representation, you may be eligible for no-cost representation. Find a local attorney in your area right now!

Do not starve yourself if you are having problems making ends meet. Hundreds of groups around the United States work tirelessly to ensure that people like you have access to the nourishment you need.