Brian Kemp, The Republican Black Sheep?

Brian Kemp
Brian Kemp

Brian Kemp, the Republican governor from the state of Georgia, had to go through a lot of disrespect and negativity from the Republicans this Saturday. It took place when he attended the annual convention of the party. The reason for the boos originates from the fact that he had a role to play in certifying the victory of Joe Biden, the Democratic President of the country in the 2020 presidential elections.  

Brian Kemp On Unity

While the other pro-Trump supporters carried out booing at the Georgia governor, some of his supporters made every effort to do away with the taunts. And all this time Brian Kemp pleaded with them to maintain harmony within the party. The 57-year-old Republican governor tried to make the audience listen to his accomplishments as a politician. He talked about the election overhaul that was pushed by the lawmakers of the GOP as a reaction to the false assertions of former President Donald Trump about the subject of him losing in the month of November due to some fraud process.  

Brian Kemp emphasized the importance of the party which according to him, was the need of the hour. He urged the people to remain “courageous” and “strong.” He also talked about the strength of the Democratic party when it comes to unity. He stated that the opposition had so many billionaires from both the states of California and New York. and this was exactly why the Republicans were to stay united as ever for the future of the party.

However, Brian Kemp never even once talked about the treatment that he received from former President Donald Trump who criticized him for so many months. He also did not propagate the idea of the unscientific claims supported by most of the Republicans in the conference and otherwise. This was unusual as many others reiterated their stance of the fraudulent claims and more importantly, received a lively reaction from the audience.