Demi Lovato Is Now Living The Best Life

Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato, the beloved pop singer, recently made the revelation of her gender. She came out as a member of the non-binary community. It was also stated that the singer will be using the pronouns “they and them” instead. They attended a live stream interview with an entertainment news channel where they revealed some details about themselves.  

Demi Lovato On Happiness

It was stated that over all these years, Demi Lovato was not being completely themselves. Having grown up as a Catholic in the South, they were just being what was told to them. They further stated that it was only when they arrived in the city of Las Vegas that they realized they belonged to the community of queer. And that was something that made them feel free, the fact that that side of them was eventually acknowledged.

Demi Lovato stated the reason behind this saying that for over all these years they were trying to make an effort to fit in with the society. All they did until they came out was to cater to the needs of society and themselves. The “Sorry Not Sorry” reveal that they were living their best lives because they finally came to terms with their authentic self.

The conversation on the live stream interview also covered the subject of eating disorders that the singer had to go through. The singer spoke about how it affected their self-esteem. But things are a lot better now. The 28-year-old “Cool For The Summer” is said to have been living their best life that is best suited to them. Demi Lovato revealed that the eating disorders that they had to go through were also about making themselves look thinner in the eyes of the world. However, that is not something that makes them happy. It was revealed that living their best life is something that is more attractive.

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