Barack Obama Skirting Around Mask Mandate?

Obama Presidential Center
Obama Presidential Center

A video has surfaced recently where former President Barack Obama was seen dancing without a face mask on his 60th birthday. This was shot in his home in Martha’s Vineyard, Mass. Although the video has now been deleted, the 44th President could be seen grooving around other attendees- who were also maskless- in a video that was posted by Erykah Badu. The video showed the former POTUS wearing white jeans as well as hugging another woman from the crowd. 

Barack Obama Caught Dancing Without a Mask

There were several attendees of the event- which included Rapper Trap Beckham as well as manager TJ Chapman- who was also caught in a series of photographs where they were drinking top-shelf alcohol, smoking cigars as well as s’mores-style cocktails- according to what the New York Post reported. The images also showed the masks, napkins, and the passes which were featured as 44×60- a phrase that indicated the 60th birthday of Barack Obama. Now, the images have been deleted without fail. 

Incidentally, both Chapman and Beckham were caught smoking marijuana in photos that were posted at the same time- although it is unclear if cannabis was actually present in Barack Obama’s house- or if they had acquired it from somewhere else. As it stands, cannabis usage is absolutely legal in Massachusetts. Beckham later mentioned that they had to delete everything according to the rules of the host. Nonetheless, he clarified the party was a blast and no one had ever seen Obama dance like that ever. 

Last Wednesday saw Barack Obama vowing to reduce the size of the guestlist for his birthday- with 475 confirmed guests– which also included George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. They were expected to convene at the $12 million property of the former President.