Brittany Murphy- The Victim Of A Grift?

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy

Anyone who had been a fan of Brittany Murphy would definitely find something really weird about her death in 2009 when she was 32. Her sudden collapse on the bathroom floor seemed too strange and way too complicated to be simply explained through anemia and pneumonia. Quite a few conspiracy theorists have already had a field day- something that has continued to the day.

Questions have been asked- was the death of this prodigious actor the result of an overdose, or was something else at hand? Interestingly, the new two-part docuseries that HBO Max is bringing out would suggest that there was another element to the entire story- one that hasn’t been focused on previously. 

Brittany Murphy’s Death- Something Wicked This Way Comes?

The show, called “What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” highlights one mystery that may have eluded everyone for years. In a society that would cling to stories of grifting- being it Anna Delvey, or LuLaRoe- the story of Murphy seems to gel in seamlessly. Cynthia Hill, the director of the show, has decided to dig deeper into the bizarre theories as well as circumstances that surround the death of this actress- as well as the cultural backdrop which adds to the tragedy.

The timing of the show is also impeccable- revisiting the story of the actress comes amid an ongoing cultural reassessment as well as a reckoning of the media’s involvement in tearing the lives of young women just for a headline. 

“What Happened, Brittany Murphy?” explores the treatment of women in the early 2000s- coming at a time when the #FreeBritney movement is in full swing, along with the recent revisitation of Paris Hilton regarding the sex tape she has. The show would be reexamining the scrutiny that the film star endured- which led to her death. 

Brittany Murphy had found major success with Clueless, but this sudden prominence also brought with it some intense criticism. Maybe Murphy’s downfall was in her reading everything that was ever written about her.

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