Kanye West Signs Collaborative Album

Kanye West
Kanye West

For some time now Ye, formerly Kanye West, has given out part of Vultures. This collaborative album will be his first since he went on an antisemitic tirade in 2022. He also faced flak for indecently exposing himself and forcing his girlfriend to do so during a public boat ride in Venice.

Kanye West has revealed that the new album will be released on Friday. The provocateur and contentious singer was live in Miami wearing a Ku Klux Klan hood on Tuesday as he performed his first release since being in the news for all the wrong reasons last year with his incendiary comments that almost tanked his career.

The rave event was streamed online and faced technical issues highlighted by Vultures. Kanye West has been promoting his album intermittently for several months along with Ty Dolla Sign, the R&B singer and regular collaborator. In multiple appearances in and around Miami over the past week, West has performed from his upcoming album and also stated the release date of December 15.

Kanye West’s Earlier Record Company Dumped Him Over His Controversies

But his releases have in the past been marked by delay, missed deadlines, and false starts. It has been suspected that it is a marketing strategy employed by his team to jack up the sense of suspense and anticipation behind a Kanye West release.

Billboard has stated that Ty$ and West have been the label distribution collaborators for this release. This latest development comes after Def Jam, West’s record company and longtime collaborator, distanced itself since he got mired in a string of controversies.

Kanye West’s earlier plan for a concert in Italy had frizzled out. The Miami leg of his show included multiple appearances by artists. In one song Kanye West alluded to his industry pariah status in his lyrics. He also said later that people were always waiting for him to say something controversial.