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Brooklyn 99
Brooklyn 99

The grand finale of the American comedy series, Brooklyn 99, finally got out on the 16th of September that fell on a Thursday. The show competed in a total of 153 episodes in eight seasons. The finale episode ended with the assurance that Jake, the main character of the show, and his entire squad, ended up together forever. 

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In the last episode before the finale round of Brooklyn 99, the show revealed that the commissioner of the police department of New York had given his approval for the reform program of Amy’s police and Captain Holt. The said program was to get implemented citywide. However, Captain Holt was made the police reform commissioner. And accordingly, Amy was appointed as No. 2 of Captain Holt. She got promoted to chief from sergeant, a post that she very much deserved.  

The name of the last episode of the hit show, Brooklyn 99, was “The Last Day.” It took a span of an hour to complete. The episode was all about the final day of Captain Holt, who is played by the American actor, Andre Braugher. And Amy, who is played by Melissa Fumero, the 39-year-old American actor, and director.

And so in order to honor the day, Jake, the protagonist who is played by the 43-year-old American actor and comedian, Andy Samberg, was allowed to take charge of a final heist. It was supposed to be a “non-holiday associated one.” Captain Holt gave a speech at the event. But there is a twist in the final episode of the show, “Brooklyn 99.” Jake had something else planned for the event. As opposed to the plan, it was not to mark the last day of Amy and Holt but for himself. He used to mark the last day of himself.      

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