Brooklyn Loses James Harden In Their 1st Game Victory Against Milwaukee!

James Harden
James Harden

Brooklyn lost James Harden because of the injury in his hamstring in the first minute of their first game against Milwaukee. This game is a part of the 7 games series in the semifinals of the Eastern Conference. 

James Harden Absence Was Overcome By The Powerful Trio Of Brooklyn!

But the Nets didn’t use the injury of James Harden as their excuse for performing poorly in that game. Instead, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant led Brooklyn to a whooping 115-107 win at the stadium of Barclays Center. While James Harden got ruled out following his early injury in his hamstring, Blake Griffin, Durant Irving kept the game running for Brooklyn. The trio scored a total of 14 assists, 29 rebounds, and 72 points to make Brooklyn win. The production of this trio and also the supporting cast of the Nets seemed a lot to overcome for the Bucks and Giannis Antetokounmpo. After winning, the Brooklyn Nets lead this series by 1-0. On the night of Monday, at 7:30 pm TNT and ET the second game will be held. TNT and ET are currently running the broadcast. 

On the night of Saturday, while the Nets were on their first possession, James Harden shot the ball while driving towards the basket to Harris. It seemed like a normal play. However, unfortunately, it converted into a troubling scenario for James Harden, former MVP. James Harden couldn’t walk, only hobbled and left the match. He was last seen heading towards his locker room. Now, it remains unclear as to how many weeks Harden will remain absent from his dressing room. Previously, Harden missed playing for over one month following his hamstring strain. He just returned for some games before the season ended. 

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