Belmont Stakes 2021 Won By Essential Quality!

Belmont Stakes 2021
Belmont Stakes 2021

Essential Quality won the Belmont Stakes 2021 on Saturday. Essential Quality’s name is deeply linked with a scandal relating to horse racing. 

The Competition Among Two Horses In The Belmont Stakes 2021 Remained The Highlight!

Essential Quality started late at the beginning of the race. It held off Hit Charlie in their thrilling competition of two horses down the track of the race. The last competition among the two horses was one of the highlights of the Belmont Stakes 2021. Hot Charlie managed to finish in place only one length back.

Essential Quality went into the race with odds of 6-5 inside the field of eight horses. However, he was the hit favorite to win this Belmont Stakes 2021. He was also the favorite one to contest in the Kentucky Derby. But in that derby, Essential Quality lost position, got bumped at the start of the race, and managed to finish only in 4th place. The horse unfortunately couldn’t compete with the Preakness. The win of the horse in the Belmont Stakes 2021 is the 1st Triple Crown victory for Brad Cox, trainer of the horse. However, his name is attached to the controversy relating to Sheikh Mohammad Maktoum, the owner. 

The prime minister of UAE faced jeers from authorities and fans regarding banning him from contesting in the Kentucky Derby. It was because of the sudden and mysterious disappearance of Sheikh’s daughter. The win of Essential Quality in the Belmont Stakes 2021 remained the most popular and thrilling story of this amazing day. However, the coverage surrounding the Belmont Stakes 2021 was dominated before Saturday by a candidate who got rejected and failed to participate. This was, however, the 153rd edition of the Belmont Stakes. Despite controversy mudding the name of this franchise, Essential Quality still managed to win the 153rd Belmont Stakes.