Steph Curry, While Playing For The Golden State Warriors, Missed Free Throws

Steph Curry
Steph Curry

Steph Curry, the professional basketball player for the Golden State Warriors stated that the worst feeling in the whole world is to miss a free throw. The Majority of the players in the NBA score 10 goals out of 14 from the throw line of the game and that is considered normal to them, however, for Steph Curry it is abnormal. 

Steph Curry Described His Missed Throws As ‘Worst Feeling’

He has a career record of 90.8 shooters of free throws and has never been unsuccessful in scoring four three throws in a match. However, this Sunday his record was broken as he missed his throw which ultimately made them loose against the Denver Nuggets. He was seen struggling at the game line and the final score was 126-121. 

Though their four free throws of Curry would not have changed the game, still he was seen as confusing as the audience when he was missing them constantly. He shared with the reporters that he does not want to feel this terrible again. Steph Curry hardly misses any foul shorts and after the game, he described that two of the shorts went and hit the rim in the front and the other two came in and then went out. 

He was still satisfied that he went ahead to the line 14 times in the whole match which portrays how he felt physically. He has missed 8 free throws in the initial matches of the series which amounts to an 80% clip, a record quite low as compared to his previous career records. However, apart from the throws, his records seem to be pretty normal with an average of 27.5 points. 

Steph Curry recently faced injury and is still recovering and making his way back. The possibility of him getting better and more confident is high and then he will return with a bang and his throws will be near-automatic once more.