Stimulus Check Across The US States In 2022 To Help Citizens

recession Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

The US federal government had provided 3 stimulus checks for every American citizen to tackle the pandemic. However, people are still struggling to manage their financial issues and inflation has made it worse. Now that the central government refused to send additional stimulus checks, US states are taking calls to help their residents manage high living costs. 

The US States Sending Stimulus Check 

California is providing tax refunds for the “Middle Class” to people who filed their taxes within 15th October 2021. They will get a stimulus check worth $1,050 from 7th October to 25th October 2022. Single filers in Colorado will receive $750 while joint filers will get $1,500 within 30th September 2022. This “Cash Back” money will be received by residents over 18 years. 

Connecticut is offering tax credits for children to couples earning under $200,000, household heads earning under $160,000, and individuals earning under $100,000 annually. They started receiving $250 for each child in July 2022. Delaware’s “Relief Rebate” of $300 for tax filers over 18 years was sent in May 2022. Florida provided a one-time payment of $450 to 59,000 families for children from 1st July 2022. 

More Relief Rebates 

Residents of Georgia started receiving tax rebates worth $250 by individuals, $375 by household heads, and $500 by couples from May 2022. Residents who did not file taxes will receive additional money later. Hawaii started giving $100 to $300 stimulus checks based on income levels in early September 2022. 

Idaho government already sent out a $75 tax rebate to a family with one dependent or a 12% tax credit, whichever amount is higher since March 2022. Illinois also offered a $50 to $100 child tax credit from September 2022. Indiana gave a $125 rebate in May 2022 while Maine gave an $850 rebate according to income level. 

Massachusetts will provide a 13% income tax refund from November 2022 and New Jersey will give a $450 rebate in early 2023.