Busta Rhymes Has Been Molested

busta rhymes

Busta Rhymes has millions of female fans, and everyone wants to get to close to him. But invading anyone’s personal space is never an option. If it had happened to a woman rapper, the whole world would have been breathing down the justice department’s neck. But Busta Rhymes did what he felt needed to be done. The woman who touched him inappropriately admits that she is wrong and shouldn’t have done that. He is 50 years old and a respected man and the fan did disrespect him.

Taking Photo With Busta Rhymes Gone Terribly Wrong

A woman named Nikita Mathis was trying to take a picture of her idol Busta Rhymes. Well, she didn’t just take a photo, she crossed her boundaries. She touched Rhymes’s back inappropriately. Probably couldn’t control herself after the drinks. Busta Rhymes was not happy with this gesture and throws the drink in her face. This video went viral on the internet. She later confessed what she did was wrong, and shouldn’t have done that. In her defense, she is a great fan of Rhymes for a long time, and she wanted to take photos. This still doesn’t clarify the picture of why she did it.

The incident is embarrassing on both parts Busta Rhymes and the woman named Nikita Mathis. If a woman rapper has been the victim, there could possibly be lengthy charges against the molester. Thus being man Rhymes didn’t press any charges yet.

And he didn’t comment on the incident after that. Being a 50 years old man, groped by a woman is indeed a shameful act. And she failed to provide a proper reason for why she did it.