Vegas Golden Knights Defeats Florida Panther And Wins The 2023 Stanley Cup

Golden Knights

The Vegas Golden Knights won the 2023 Stanley Cup after defeating the Florida Panthers on June 13. This Stanley Cup win is the very first one for the Golden Knights. The score of this match was 9-3. Fans cheered as the Knights won the Cup at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mark Stone, the team captain of the Knights, had joined the National Hockey League in the session prior to 2017-2018. Mark Stone is now the first hockey player to win the Stanley Cup thrice since 1922. After winning the Cup, each Knights team member took turns in raising the trophy as it has been a tradition.

In an interview with TNT Captain Mark Stone after the match stated that it is an unbelievable experience for him and his team. He had looked into the eyes of his team members which gave him the best feeling he ever had and the fact that he did this with his 25 to 30 best friends is what makes this win more special.

Golden Knights Dominated The Game Against the Panthers

Tuesday’s final match of the 2023 Stanley Cup was dominated by the aggressive stances of the Golden Knights. This win comes as a greater one as the Golden Knights won the Cup in their home city, Las Vegas. The Florida Panther’s loss was however due to the lack of its star and key player Matthew Tkachuk. Matthew could not play in the finals as he suffered an injury in fracturing his sternum earlier. The Knights with their Stanley Cup win became the second-fastest team to be victorious in the championship since 1943-44. Knights Nicolas Roy scored the final winning goal.