Depression Took Over Linkin Park

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Earlier this month Linkin Park released a new single featuring voice of the late artist Chester Bennington. The band lost one part of its back in 2017. Nobody could tell what was going on inside Chester’s head. Depression overpowered the band and broke its will. The unimaginable death of the vocalist left a void that probably won’t be filled by anyone.No one could take his spot at all. But after some time they needed to register it, that he is gone. The co-founder of the band recently shared what actually happened within her after losing his friend.

Linkin Park Lost Its Voice

The death of Chester Bennington shook the world but broke Linkin Park. Chester and Mike Shinoda brought the band into this world. Like a child, they brought it up and took care of it. Chester usually stayed under the influence of drugs, and most of the time he couldn’t remember things. Stayed as clean as possible and then back to square one.

He would be gone for days, and no one would ever know where he went, then he comes back. The continuous coming back and going was stuck in a never-ending loop. Linkin Park paid tribute to Chester Bennington previously right after his demise.

Chester’s childhood was traumatic, and Mike shared how it was hard for Chester to stay out of jail. There slim possibility of him ending up in jail at any given time.

Mike Shinoda often asked himself even if he really wanted to continue Linkin Park or make music at all. Grief was there in his veins, but anger was taking over. Shinoda distasted music afterward. What happened shook him. Linkin Park’s 20th anniversary is coming in April.

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