Taylor Swift’s Bond With Mother, Andrea, Revealed Through Her Music

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

There is so much beauty in the themes of the music of the pop star, Taylor Swift. However, the most beautiful one out of all those is the exploration of the relationship she has with her mother, Andrea Swift. And this is very much visible in the recent lyric video of hers. There is a song that provides a wonderful glimpse into the personal life of the “Style” singer. Fans will be able to witness the family photos that have not been revealed before showing the bond that is there between her and her mother.

Taylor Swift’s Evolving Bond

The name of the song in consideration is, “The Best Day.” In the track, the 31-year-old talks about the days she spent with her loving mother at different phases of her life. The nostalgia gets revisited as Taylor Swift just made a record of the album from her sophomore days called “Fearless.”

All the songs from the album will come up with a lyrical video of their own. In the montage of the track, The Best Day, which is the version of the singer herself, a bunch of videos can be witnessed. It carries a lot of video clips of Taylor Swift in vintage format. Fans can also witness throwback pics that are highly based on the nineties style. The video ends with a picture of the music sensation with her mom from the time when she was a little older. It is a beautiful symbolic representation of the bond that is continued from her infancy to her adulthood.

Taylor Swift had revealed the inspiration behind one of her songs back in the year 2011. According to the lyrics of the song, fans can be pretty clear that the singer was closer to her mother than any of her friends who, according to the lyrics, were “mean” towards her.