Kaley Cuoco Offers To Buy Horse Punched At Tokyo Olympics By Coach

kaley cuoco
kaley cuoco

Kaley Cuoco made statements about the incidents that made headlines in the Tokyo Olympics that involved a German athlete who hit her horse during the competition on August 6.

Kaley Cuoco is closely related to horses because her husband, Karl Cook is a horse trainer. She shared a number of stories on Instagram which exhibited passion and condemned the coach, along with offers to buy Saint Boy, the horse that was abused.

Kaley Cuoco said that she felt it to be her responsibility to make comments on this incident which was highly disgraceful. She stated that show jumping in Olympics was incorrectly represented by the athlete, and it was disgusting and abusive in many ways. 

Alongside the words stated by Kaley Cuoco, there were photos of Saint Boy and his rider Annika Schleu, who was crying in a struggle to make the horse jump. Cuoco addressed Schleu and Kim Raisner, the coach, that they failed to do right by their country and their sport. She labeled both the trainer and the rider to be a “disgrace” to the sport.

Kaley Cuoco And Her Love For Horses

A huge part of Kaley Cuoco’s love is filled with horses. Being married to a horse trainer is yet another factor that strengthens her relationship with horses. Riding horses is a major part of her life as well. She has been into horse-riding ever since she was a child and even met her husband through an equestrian competition back in 2016. 

The love for horses is something that Kaley Cuoco shares with her costar from  Flight Attendant, Zosia Mamet. Mamet documented the experience of having her horse flown into California from New Jersey on Friday. Cuoco and Mamet are scheduled to film the second season of the show streaming on HBO Max in California. Cuoco also owns a number of horses which can often be seen over her social media handles.

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